Why Getting Started Is The Hardest Part!

Beginning any new thing can create fear and apprehension. This is normal and is something to be understood.

When I am asked how did I get into commercial financing and investing, I can recall all the mental and emotional issues to deal with but I got through it all.

My story is very unique because I had no desire to enter into the commercial markets. I was very content managing my 20 single family homes. I was in my happy place and doing my happy dance. Residential investing was very good to me.

Heck, I was having enough of a challenge getting financing for $40k to $60k homes. I just assumed certain things were true only to find out later that they were no true. Here’s what I mean:

  1. I assumed that I had to qualify for commercial loans just as I did for residential loans. This was not true!
  2. I assumed that I need a “high net worth” to purchase commercial properties. This was not true!
  3. I assumed that I would need 50% down to purchase commercial properties . Again this was not true.

You can read “>my entire story here.

Here I am 20 years later with over $20M in transactions, acquisitions and good, bad and ugly behind me now with a new perspective.

“The Fastest and most efficient and strategic path to getting into the commercial financing and investing market”, is revealed in my 8 Week Fast Start Course.

A simple 8 week formula that begins with the answers to a few basic question.  

Step 1: Answer these questions? |profile questions|

Step 2: Why do you want to get into the commercial markets?

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